Privileged. That’s the word I would use to describe my involvement with the RSNA Imaging AI in Practice 2021 Demo. I wrote about my experience with last year’s AI demo, only it got much better this year when I was asked to be Teri Sippel-Schmidt’s co-pilot as a Techical Project Manager. I spoke highly of Teri’s leadership in last year’s demo, hence why I feel privileged to play a bigger part in bringing this demo to life.

On the heels of last year’s success, the demo retained the vast majority of last year’s participants and added more. All in all, 22 vendors participated with 32 products in total. Instead of last year’s three demo teams, we ended up with five this year. 

The premise is the same as last year – showcasing how AI-touting systems can integrate (with interoperability under the hood) to deliver on the promise of improving Radiology workflows end-to-end. Starting from scheduling of resources, through protocoling, image acquisition, image analysis, reporting, and last but not least, AI model training.

As the case was with last year, many thanks go out to everyone that made the demo possible. I am sure I might miss some people but I’ll try anyway:

  • RSNA Board of Directors, Radiology Informatics Committee (RIC) and the RIC IAIP Task Force.
  • Our venerable clinical champions
  • RSNA staff
  • The vendors who make all this possible
  • Most importantly (on a personal level), Teri for coaching me with an abundance of patience and wisdom.

If you happen to see this in time, please be sure to come see the demo. It will be running 9am-5pm Nov 28th through Dec 1st. South Hall booth 4925.

I will post recaps of this demo and overall impressions of RSNA 2021 afterwards. Stay tuned!