Mohannad Hussain

Mohannad Hussain

Principal Consultant, Techie Maestro

Mohannad has nearly two decades of software development & project management experience, with more than a decade spent in health IT and specifically medical imaging informatics. Given his know-how, he can bridge gaps between customer needs and technical implementations, be it eliciting technical requirements, developing proof-of-concept functional prototypes, and delivering end-to-end solutions.

He has worked on a number of award-winning products, bringing innovative solutions to solve problems in healthcare and beyond. One of his passions is integrating systems in healthcare such as EHR/EMR, RIS, PACS, VNA, Universal/Enterprise zero-footprint viewers, VR/Reporting, AI/ML algorithms, Business Intelligence and Analytics to simplify workflows, automate steps, drive quality improvement and ease the burden on healthcare providers.

Mohannad has spoken at a number of conferences in North America and overseas on a range of topics related to software development and health/imaging informatics. He is ecstatic about the advent of interoperability standards like FHIR DICOMweb and IHE profile. He happens to be the project manager of the annual SIIM Hackathon, which is heavily focused on evangelizing new versions of Imaging IT standards from HL7, DICOM and IHE, in addition to fostering cutting-edge innovation. His other passions include knowledge sharing/training, and contributing to open-source software.

Outside of work, he is self-confessed general technology geek and happens to watch more car news & review videos on youtube than he cares to admit! He recently took up pyrography as his newest hobby.

As a software engineer, Mohannad was trained to be domain agnostic. However, he found his purpose in medical imaging after stumbling into the field by coincidence. He loves it because it allows him to play a small part in making this world a better place; contributing to patient care improvement (patients: us, our loved ones, our community), short of being a medical doctor, of course! 

Skills at a glance
  • Health IT & Medical Imaging informatics products: EMR/EHR, RIS, PACS, VNA, Universal/Enterprise viewers, AI/ML algorithms, business analytics and dashboards.
  • International interoperability standards: DICOM, DICOMweb, HL7 v2, HL7 FHIR, FHIRcast, IHE XDS and XDS-I, and many more.
  • Programming languages: Java, Javascript, PHP, C#, Python and Bash scripting.
  • Web development: HTML 5, CSS 3, ReactJS, Bootstrap.
  • APIs: RESTful, SOAP and other patterns.
  • Mobile: Responsive web design, Apache Cordova and native application development.
  • Mapping: Google Maps API, OpenLayers and other libraries.
  • Miscellaneous: server administration, performance testing, cloud infrastructure, RESTful APIs.