We stand out because our customers love us…

But don’t take our word for it!

We like to think of ourselves as hardworking and passionate. It might sound like a cliché. Right? 

Seeing is believing! Read below what our customers over the years have had to say. Spoiler alert! There will be a lot of praise for top-notch technical skills, excellent communication and organization skills, dedication to timely delivery, ingenuity and innovation.

Don Dennison

Don Dennison, FSIIM

President, Don K Dennison Solutions Inc.

Some of the best advice I received about managing people was to look for superior talent and attitude–most everything else can be taught. Mohannad embodies these two attributes. Always eager to help out, able to learn new skills, communicating clearly, and doing it all with a genuinely positive attitude. Through both our work together, and through volunteer projects, I have seen Mohannad repeatedly drive projects to success, and without showing any stress. He is a pleasure to work with and I recommend to anyone that is looking for a sharp, self-motivated, organized professional: hire him.

Caleb Opersko

Caleb Opersko

CEO, Spot It

Mohannad has proven himself time and time again as he has not had an issue that he hasn’t been able to solve. He has come in on time and budget which can be quite rare in this space and he continually updates me on how to prioritize the work. He has even been able to work with and manage other freelance developers we hired and been able to get the best from them as well.

Aside from his development skills though, Mohannad has a skill that I have found rare in the development field, communication. Mohannad has the ability to explain the code to both people who understand and those who may not be as well versed in coding. I have had him in calls with customers and cooperating companies and he was able to project a very professional image for both himself as well as my company.

I can say that it has been a pleasure to work with Mohannad. I am sure he will be able to help you, your team, as well as your company, thrive as he did mine.

Herman Oosterwijk

Herman Oosterwijk

President, OTech Inc.
Imaging trainer and consultant

I worked with Mohannad in different roles, both together to train healthcare IT professionals and as a contractor where he was instrumental in setting up tools that I am using to train our students on healthcare IT. I have been continuously impressed with his technical skills, flexibility and reliability to provide the services I ask for. He has been a great asset and a good fellow instructor. I continue to rely on his expertise and would recommend him to anyone else looking for a smart and skilled health care imaging and IT consultant.

Paulo Tascon

Paulo Tascon

IT Manager, Active Control Technology

My company and I have had the opportunity to work with Mohannad and Techie Maestro in the development of some projects. It’s been a real nice experience to work with a professional like him. His level of commitment and the results he has been bringing to the table is something that I am really happy with. I will be using his services in the future for other projects and I really recommend his services to any company that is looking for someone that is in his expertise as a professional.