Software Development

Web, mobile, native and SOA (e.g. REST) development in Java, Javascript, C#, Python and PHP. Database engines like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and No-SQL. We build new applications (e.g. POC or MVP) as well as upgrade/maintain existing ones.

Project Management

Proven track record of delivering a quality product on time and within budget. Excellent organization, communication, risk and scope management, in addition to thorough planning and documentation.

Health/imaging informatics

Available to help with innovation, research, and operational improvement projects. Armed with a deep understanding of diagnostic imaging workflows, plus experience with a wide range of products like EHR/EMR, RIS, PACS, VNA, Universal/Enterprise zero-footprint viewers, Patient Portals, VR/Reporting, AI/ML algorithms,  Analytics and Dashboards.

AI/ML DevOps

Curation/classification and routing of input data to on-premise or cloud AI/ML appliances. Clinical implementation and seamless integration of output back into the workflow via different means such as worklist prioritization, overlays, automated report measurements…etc. Additionally, monitoring of algorithms, establishing a feedback loop, and analytics/dashboarding (measuring improvements, cost justification, …etc.).

Integrations & Interoperability

Expertise with current and up-and-coming standards like HL7 v2, FHIR, FHIRcast, DICOM plus IHE profiles such as XDS, SWF, IID, SOLE, AI-R and AIW-I.


Facilitating in-person and virtual training. Self-paced modular e-learning.


Mission Statement

Our focus on health IT stems from the determination to leverage information technology to aspire to achieve the quadruple aim — simplifying workflows, automating steps, driving quality improvement and easing the burden on healthcare providers.

We play our little part in advancing care outcomes by leveraging our skills and experience. Because, after all, patients are ourselves at times, our loved ones, members of our community and compatriots at large.

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